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Our Partners and Sponsors

We, at Atharva4Racing are proud to partner with some of the most visible, innovative and successful corporations across the world. We would like to thank them all for their continued contribution to the club.

For any kind of queries regarding becoming our sponsor, feel free to contact us below.

Why partner with us?

Partnerships with Atharva4Racing is deemed to transform your business with extremely positive, social impact. Our world-class team is here to generate breakthrough solutions in every partnership for driving economic development and sustainable impact in the motorsport arena. Atharva4Racing is here to closely work with you and your team to create a value-driven partnership that compels great marketing initiatives to grow your business. Our partners benefit from improved brand lift, increased sales, a boost in fans/customer loyalty and exclusive access to key global market knowledge and expertise.

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Ways to Partner!

Every partnership with Atharva4Racing is customized and designed with optimum precision to meet specific needs of our clients while covering the following aspects and much more.

  • Race Entitlement
  • Pre-Race and/or FanWalk Naming Rights
  • Official status and/or category exclusivity
  • Atharva4Racing name and logo rights for in-market promotions, packaging or sales incentives
  • Event signage and branding
  • PA announcements
  • Race weekend consumer materials
  • Tickets and credentials
  • Website logo recognition
  • Social media integration
  • Corporate Hospitality (Suite, Chalet, RV)
  • Display activation for fan engagement and sampling
  • Trackside signage visible during national TV broadcasts
  • Email blasts and/or e-newsletter inclusion

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This will in turn help us curate various new meetings, activities and events to keep pumping that Adrenaline Rush in you from time to time.

Also, do feel free to ask any queries you have with regards to partnering and sponsorship only.

This is not the membership form.

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