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Hi! I'm Atharva

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Hello race enthusiasts!

The word of racing is connected by the thrill for speed. It is time to relive your forgotten dreams by joining the journeys of our passionate racing driver.

Become a part of the family and celebrate the spirit of motorsport alongside Atharva.

Live for speed in madness, every dream is priceless.

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About Me

Atharva Desai: About me

My name is Atharva Desai, a 19-year-old trained professional who has a passion for Motorsport racing and race car engineering. I am an American race car driver with deep roots in my Indian culture and heritage. I have raced in various open-wheel cars in my short career and matured from Go-karts to Formula Cars.

I have proudly worked with professional racing teams which help develop my determined and goal-oriented attitude with a firm resolve to achieve. I am a self-motivated team player who can easily blend and work under any team to win formula races.

My short-term career goal is to be Formula 1 Race Car Driver and proudly win a world championship title. My long-term goal is to establish myself as a subject matter expert in the world of Motorsport and race car engineering.

Birthday : August 2002

Nationality : American

Racing Experience : 10yrs

Heritage : Marathi, Indian

Location : Oxford, UK

College Major : BEng Motorsport Technology

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Racing Experience

Anglesey testing with Arden Motorsports

  • 2-day testing in the GB4 cars at Anglesey raceway.
  • Raced in the rain and dry tracks of Anglesey, drastically improved times, and skills.

Joined YRDA Arden Driver Development Program

  • October 2021: Became an official young development driver for Arden motorsports.
  • Learn practical racing skills and car setup skills.
  • Understood how to feel a car based on its setup and identify problems.

Club-100 Racing Championship (UK) - Whilton Mill Circuit - 09/10/2021

  • This was my first ever race in the United Kingdom.
  • 2 nd place podium in Club100 Lightweight Class (Round 7 at Whilton Mill)

LUCAS OIL Racing School (Florida, USA) Feb - March 2021

  • 6-day program at 2 tracks, PBIR and Sebring divided across 2 months February and March of 2021.
  • Immersive open wheel formula car racing (3 days), Basic Program Lucas Oil Racing School at Palm Beach International Raceway [PBIR].
  • 3-Day Advanced Program Lucas Oil Racing School (Formula - 3 car) at Sebring International Raceway.
  • Logged Fastest lap time in that Batch of 9 other drivers.
  • Successfully completed Racing School program and passed at top of table to get SCCA Full Competition License.
  • Invited to LUCAS OIL Scholarship shootout after proving my skills at PBIR and Sebring (I choose to come to UK for my studies).

Sonoma Raceway (California, USA) (Formula-3 car )

  • 3 day Racing School on Formula-3 cars. Learned and perfected key racing skills such as intentional skidding and catching the car though the corner, carrying minimum speed though different types of corners, perfected REV matching in a 5 speed manual gearbox (without paddles), and efficient threshold braking.
  • Learned how to adeptly understand reading race telemetry and applying it on track Fastest in the Formula 3 group.
  • Attained special provisional SCCA license.

Multiple Formula 4 track-day racing with Momentum Motorsports Team

  • Formula 4 - 3-day testing - at New Jersey Motorsport Park (NJMP) for Momentum Motorsports Team.
  • Track days at NJMP, Virginia International Raceway (VIR), and Autobahn Country Club (Illinois). Driven 1000+ Kilometers in Formula 4 Race Car with multiple Formula 4 teams

Skip Barber Racing School

  • NJMP Skip Barber Racing School: Successfully completed the Skip Barber 3-day racing school.
  • Racing school in 6-speed manual Mustangs.
  • Perfected Clutch control and driving manual transmission.

ROTAX Racing - 2017-Present

  • 1 st place in DD2 class Regionals at NJMP.
  • 1 st place in Regionals shootout and invited to ROTAX Nationals.
  • ROTAX Nationals Stars and Stripes: 3rd place podium in the DD2 Class.
  • United Karting 1 st place position in ROTAX shootout.
  • 2 nd place in ROTAX MAX competition (15/10/2021)
  • 1 st place in Milton Keens Daytona Raceway ROTAX MAX competition

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